Nayan Cat, a Duck and a Techno Viking Walked Into a Bar

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A long time ago in a Viking land far, far away, there lived a bad-ass Viking dude who loved him some techno.

And his braided beard.

And hated his shirt.

In the not so distant past, there lived a normal guy named Tucker and his two small children who all developed an obsession for Nayan Cat.

Here is Nayan Cat for the unannoyed uninitiated:

Every night, instead of bedtime stories, the kids get songs and videos.

When we first started this, it was Pandora tuned to Disney songs. Now that Tucker’s taken over song giving responsibilities, it’s turned into this:

Oh, duck. I love you even though your song gets in my head and I end up humming you all day.

And the Viking.

The Viking is an off-shoot of Nayan Cat.

Here’s his original video…kind of original video since the ORIGINAL video is having copyright issues:

And here’s his Nayan treatment:

I didn’t think it was possible but Nayan Cat version is paws and tails better than the techno version.