Maybe Sophie Gave Us All Kennel Cough?

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Image | belard

When I wrote about my eye trying die, I never expected I would still be experiencing crud. But it’s a different crud and everyone in the house is affected.

Including Sophie.

I’ve decided to blame Tucker for getting Sophie sick. There’s no scientific merit to said blame but it’s fun. So anyway, Sophie started coughing night before last and wouldn’t stop. It was this hacking nastiness that made you think she had something stuck in her throat. I would have felt bad for her if I wasn’t sure she was going to keep us up all night.

I was worried she had bronchitis that was going to move into pneumonia and that would be a suck way to die so the kids and I took Sophie to the vet. Apparently the bitch–has two meaning and both are apt–has kennel cough. The dog that’s vaccinated against everything under the sun has kennel cough.


Apparently, while she was boarded at the vet over Christmas, there was a dog being boarded that was coughing. And Sophie got sick since apparently the Bordatella vaccine is kind of like a flu shot: it doesn’t protect 100% but will probably make symptoms less severe if you get sick. She got a bottle of “cough suppressant” medicine, AKA, hydrocodone–which made me think of Three 6 Mafia’s Sippin’ on Some Syrup cause I’m gangsta like that–and is blissfully doped up and not coughing. But we all are.


Another fun fact: you can catch “kennel cough” from your dog since the disease is caused by bacteria and not a virus so it’s not vector specific.


Have a great Saturday. We’re going to stay inside and do absolutely nothing except play video games and cough.