Let’s Give Some Love To K.M. Weiland

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When you write, you just DO IT. You write. You try to block everything out and do it. At least, you hope to do it. Not the sessay stuff. The writing!

Eventually, with all this writing stuff, you’ll end up with nothing and you’ll be stuck and you’ll be wandering around the interwebs and wondering where you should go when where you should probably go is to bed. But, you’ll keep wandering around and, hopefully, you’ll end up on K.M. Weiland’s YouTube channel. Right now she only has 440 subscribers and she deserves so many more that that.

More days than not, I get emails from YouTube letting me know that K.M. Weiland had uploaded a new video. Every. Single. Time. I watch the video.


Because the videos are short and they hit me where they need to hit me.

Every one of the videos addresses some issue I’ve been dealing with and, while the video doesn’t SOLVE the issues, it makes me think.

Short post from a fangirl to get the word out.

If you’re looking for a “writer” YouTube channel, then K.M Weiland’s is where you need to subscribe.