I’m Tired of Skyrim Finally For Now with Skyrim DLC Teases and Game Jam 2011 Video

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Game Over

Image | Mykl Roventine

I knew this would happen eventually but I didn’t expect it to slide into my brain just yet and cause me to decide I’m done with Skyrim.

I’m so done with it I could take it to Gamestop right now, trade it in and not be the least bit sad.

I’ve logged almost 386 hours with Skyrim. This isn’t a game I’m giving up without a second thought. Me and those dragons have developed a mutual respect and what would all the horse traders do for business if I wasn’t killing mine and/or getting the horses killed all the time?

So, for the time being, I’m retiring Skyrim. The first Skyrim DLC should be coming out soon and it’s sure to be a doozy. I’m content with putting the game away–or maybe trading it in before it looses too much of its value–and finding another game to entertain me until the DLC hits.

Pete Hines Skyrim DLC April Tease

Such a tease...

Note that kill cams for magic and ranged combat are included in the new patch. The mounted combat? One of the things I was most excited about at E3 last year; it’s about damn time we saw something about it.

What about you? Done with Skyrim? Still haven’t played it? What are you playing right now cause I’m in need of a new game.