Night Time Stalemate

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We’re back to having issues with Cara and Ollie staying in their own beds

Maybe we never completely stoppedwith issues. We’re all about issues around this house; Tucker and I might start renting them out. Renting the issues not the kids.

You don’t rent kids. You sell them. Or so I’ve heard.


I grabbed a bowl of beans–cold soup beans can’t be beat–and climbed into bed with Tucker to watch a video on the iPad. So we’re just laying there and Cara makes her first appearance.

Cara: I had a nightmare!

Tucker: You haven’t even been to sleep. Go to bed and don’t come back in here!

Cue bare feet slapping on the hardwood as girl child runs from our room. There was also hysterics complete with screaming.

After almost six years of dealing with Cara and her drama, we’ve gotten quite good at ignoring the outbursts.

Five minutes later:

Cara: OK. I had a daydream nightmare.

Tucker and me: A what?

Me to Tucker: So would that be a daymare? [As soon as that was out of my mouth I knew it was lame. I can’t be a comic genius ALL of the time.]

By that time Tucker and I had started giggling and which Cara took as her cue to climb up into our bed. We kicked her out. It’s important to show no fear in such a situation; children can be quite dangerous creatures.

She came back.

We kicked her out.

She came back.

When it was all said and done, Cara had pulled her Hello Kitty blanket and a pillow into our room and was lying on the floor.

She slept there all night.

I think that is what they call a stalemate.