Soul Discussions and Dust: An Elysian Tail

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See the fancy second page I added just so you wouldn’t get all butt hurt because the spoilers were too close to the warning.

You’re welcome.

That boss had three [Or is it four?] lives–which blew chunks–and the ending was sad as hell. Prior to Dust, Lunar was the last game I cried over. I played Lunar in high school. I guess the point is I dig Dust and you should dig it as well.


Dust ends up being a soul meshed, super fighter guy whose soul purpose–literally–is to defeat the enemies of the Moonbloods so they can live a peaceful life and rebuild their race.

That’s all well and good except Dust has the memories and some of the personality/tendencies of both the souls he’s holding. But does he also have his OWN soul so he’s holding three? I got myself all confused when I was trying to explain the multiple soul thing to Cara.

“Trying” because Cara was hysterical cause Dust dies at the end.


Have you played Dust? Will you? If you have, what did you think?

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