Ducking Rocks

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I’m really going to piss a lot of you off by admitting this, but I agree with this.

Now, hold on. Before you start throwing stones, give me a chance.

“If women spent more time doing stuff, as opposed to staring in the mirror, they could accomplish great things. Unfortunately, women no longer want to be the best person they can possibly be. They just want to be slightly better than their neighbor.”

Can you really argue with that? Don’t you see that everyday?

Duck gif

How many women do you know who judge themselves not based upon their “best” but on what is better than the person next to them?

How many women do you know who constantly compare themselves to their friends and family? Who constantly aspire to mediocrity? [Are you one of them? I know that I’m guilty of it more times than I care to admit.]

“Not that there is anything wrong with being a Mother, mind you. I just don’t think women should be Mothers and nothing else. Motherhood should enrich your life; it shouldn’t be your life. No one on this planet should dedicate their entire lives to another person…even if that other person is their child. After all, how to you share your wisdom and life experiences with your offspring if you’ve never done anything but raise them?”

Why do we [mothers] have such a knee jerk reaction against this? Again, put down the large rocks…

I love being Cara’s mom;I love being Tucker’s wife. But, I’m more than that. Aren’t I?

Somedays I consider myself a writer; right now, I’m definitely a college dropout. I’m a damn good cook and a great horseback rider. I have been through some really tough things in my life and have seen a lot, so I’m definitatly working on the “wisdom and life experiences” part.

When Cara is older and someone asks her what her mommy does for a living, I know that she’ll have a damn good response.

But don’t ask her just yet, ok?