Worst Mom Ever!

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I turned off the baby monitor this morning.


Yeah, not so sure about that little detail.

I know that I turned it off after midnight since that’s when I broke Harry’s spell on me.

I woke up this morning at 7:30 and Cara was pissed!  Her door was closed and I could still hear her from our room.

I jumped out of bed, tripped over the cat and ran into her room.

I’m not quite sure how long she had been in there hollering, but she wasn’t crying when I went in there.  The lack of tears leads me to believe that she hadn’t been in there awake for too long.

Ok.  So I guess that little incident wasn’t too bad.  It was nothing compared to the time I tossed her in the tub and then ran down to the corner store.  [I’m joking!  It wasn’t me.]