The Britney Spears Interview

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Have you gotten in your latest issue of Allure?

I’m not usually a fan [got the subscription as a gift] but I have to say that the “interview” with Britney Spears is worth the cover price.

Did you just shudder a bit when you read that cause I almost threw-up in my mouth when I typed it.

But, stick with me.

Go to your local quickie mart and pick up a copy. Flip to the very back and read the damn good article written by Judith Newman.

I flipped to page 250 and was struck by page 251 [a picture of Spears with her arms covering her breaths]. Spears looks really good for having had two C-sections in as many years. I can’t help but wonder how much editing was involved with that picture. [Click here for a great example]

I was expecting a fluff piece; Newman admits early on that the article was supposed to be “[Spears’s] comeback interview”.

Newman admits that right after going off on a diatribe about what she would do if she were in Spears’s shoes [sex with Dick Cheney was one of them…you’ll just have to read it].

The first paragraph did its job; it gave me a taste of what was to come.

In the end, [and throughout the article] Newman is stood-up. But, Newman handles it well and ended up with a genuinely funny piece about a person who is a very easy target.

Coming to newsstands everywhere…