Assassin’s Creed, I Love You

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Dear Reader,

I am about to write about a video game. [I might write a lot]

If you would rather not read about said video game, might I direct you here [post about homemade baby-food] or here [where I compare and contrast Ferber and Pantley] or maybe even here [conversation about anal bleaching].




Well, now that that is out of the way.

Assassin’s Creed is one of those games that can make a console. [think Halo for Xbox]

When the gaming world got its first look at E3 in 2006, Assassin’s Creed “brought down the house”. The game promised almost limitless environment interaction where every wall can be scaled and your actions in a crowd determine how that crowd will treat you.

My first look at Assassin’s Creed was in Game Informer’s extensive article back in June of ‘06. The screen shots and in-depth discussion of the concept of the game left me drooling.

Up until the time that I read the article, I had written the PS3 off as too expensive. No games had been announced that really struck my fancy and I saw no reason to retire my PS2 which had [and still has] top notch games being developed for it [God of War, anyone?]

After reading that article, though, I started lusting after the PS3 and the idea of “next gen” gaming.

With a bit of work, I managed to find a new PS3 on Ebay for a reasonable price. We rented Elder Scrolls:Oblivion [OH MY GOD!] and later bought the game. Though I am absolutely enamored with Oblivion, I patiently [not so much] waited for Assassin’s Creed to be released.

And then the release date was pushed back; I cried a little.

I checked and rechecked the game’s website hoping for good news. None came.

Now, finally, I have a hard release date [I hope].

The game is set for U.S. release in November of this year.

After all of the awards that it has already won, I really hope that it doesn’t disappoint.