Can I Get an Inhaler with that Dandelion?

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Does this picture offend you?

I really can’t decide, so I want you guys to decide for me. [ok…not really]

Whether you formula feed or breastfeed, you can’t deny the superiority of breastmilk to formula.

I’m not passing judgment.

I’m not pointing fingers.

I’m just stating a fact.

From an advertising standpoint, this ad works…unless it pisses you off and then it’s a failure.

But, it does its job. Right? It makes you stop and think. It’s obviously a conversation starter or I wouldn’t be writing about it. Good job, Office on Women’s Health.

Oh, wait. You changed the ad? To what?

What the hell is that?

Are those supposed to be boobs? They don’t really look like boobs.

I bet the guy who came up with this one looks at softballs and apples and tires and thinks boobs too.

While the first ad was a conversation piece because it’s a tad bit controversial, this thing leaves me wondering what it’s supposed to be.

Doesn’t really deliver any kind of message for me.

Oh, sure. There’s a message at the bottom, but I can’t get past the dandelions. Am I the only one?

Where did these ads come from and why did they “tone it down”?

The ads came from the Health and Human Services Department and the first ad was scrapped because of “the formula industry’s intervention”.

This all happened back in 2004, but a story about it was just published in the Washington Post today.

This article is worth the read.