My Ode to Tucker

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I was reading over some of my archived posts [kinda scary] and I noticed that, for the most part, I only write about my husband when either A: I can post a “classic” picture of him, or B: he says something absolutely ridiculous.

Since he reads my blog daily, I figured that I would write something nice about him for a change.

When we found out that I was pregnant, we made the decision that I would quit my job and stay at home with the baby.

It was a decision that wasn’t made lightly and has at times, been stressful for everyone involved.

When Cara finally came along, I decided to breastfeed and the first four weeks were hard.

She and I had to learn how to breastfeed together and I have no doubt that if Tucker hadn’t been as supportive as he was/is, I probably wouldn’t have been able to continue.

As the months have flown by, Tucker has never faltered with his support of me and my parenting choices.

Tucker chose to get a second job to save up some extra money for when we move back to Arkansas. He never suggested that I get another job or complained about his decision.

When I decided to start my own website, he supported me wholeheartedly. Every bump in the road has been met with steadfast support and compassion. And, even though he’s not “into blogs”, he’s into mine and I love him for that.

While he’s not perfect, [who is?] Tucker is perfect for me and I can’t imagine my life without him.

So, I deem today Tucker Day!

Three cheers for Tucker Day!