Ghetto Fabulous Role Models

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We just got back from the store and I’m a bit scared.

These hoochies on the left have taken over an isle and a half in the toy section at Target!

They’re like Barbie but ghetto fabulous and they look like little plastic sluts.

Am I the only one who is uncomfortable with this?!

They are in cartoons and music videos, coloring books, a MOVIE…I even saw a Halloween “costume“. I put costume in quotes since there wasn’t much to the costume and it was for a two year old!

What the hell?

I know someone is buying this shit. If this stuff wasn’t selling, then it wouldn’t be on the shelves.

So, Moms/Dads, if you’re buying this crap, tell me why.

I seriously want to know.

I promise that I won’t bite your head off. It’s just that I’ve gone from utter disgust to morbid interest.

I look at the things and think “totally inappropriate for my daughter”, but I guess others might see them as strong female role models? [I just threw up in my mouth a little]

So, email or comment.

Even though I know what happened to the cat, I can’t help but be curious.