Diaper Woes

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Diapers are apparently very bad things around our house.

I make this statement based on the fact that I spent the entire weekend watching my child remove her diaper at every available opportunity.

The days of her running around the apartment in her diaper are over. Now, even when Cara is wearing clothes, she tries to dig under whatever she’s wearing so that she can pull at the diaper tabs.

So far, we haven’t had any “accidents”. But, I know it’s just a matter of time.

Tucker has joked that he’s going to bust out the duct tape and that option is seeming less silly as the hours creep by.

Initially, I assumed her new penchant for removing her diaper was caused by her diaper being wet.

It’s not.

Cara just doesn’t want to wear it.

Maybe I’ll just tape a “baby potty” onto her ass and see how she likes that.