It’s Going to Be One of Those Days

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I’m going to have to bust out my Ferber book.

Cara was up at least three times last night; it might have been more, but I quite counting after three.

Once is fine; I have to feed Biscuit around 4am.

But, for the past couple of nights, Cara has been waking numerous times and refusing to go back to sleep without nursing first.

Not cool, Cara. Not cool.

Now of course it seems like every animal that we own is hell bent on getting in my way and Cara has taken to standing at the baby-gate and screaming at me.

I hate that.

For some reason, that is the one thing that she does that gets to me. It gets under my skin and makes my head want to spin around several times.

I know that my foul mood is caused by my lack of sleep. I know that the pets are not conspiring to piss me off. I know that Cara is not the spawn of Satan. [Tucker is really just a lesser demon]

But, I also know that it’s going to be one of those days where I look forward to nap time and bedtime can’t get here quickly enough.

I’m going to go find my Ferber book, refresh my memory on a method that had worked so wonderfully for us and I’m going to gaze lovingly upon the pictures that I took of Cara yesterday.

The pictures make me laugh and they manage to remind me that this too shall pass.