Breastfeeding Crazys

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There is some major breastfeeding drama afoot.

Applebee’s stepped in it here and the incident has spawned video reactions, blog entries and general bad press.

Then, Facebook banned a picture of a mother breastfeeding because it was “obscene“. That action has also caused an uproar and even the creation of a website calling for people to delete their Facebook accounts.

Way to go Applebee’s and Facebook. You have just officially pissed off a group of women who are bat shit crazy. We boob women go from serenely nursing our children to organized in about two seconds when someone does something like these two companies did.

If you are a breastfeeding mom or you were and you have some pictures of your feeding your kid, send them over to The League of Maternal Justice. They’re having a “virtual breast fest” on October 10th and are looking for pictures and videos.

While you’re there, pick up a button or two. [you can never have too many]