Then and Now

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My original intention with this post was to show you JUST HOW BIG I’VE GOTTEN[!!!].

I have this basketball sized thing on the front of me and it moves independently of the rest of my body.  I know that there are feet somewhere down there but I haven’t seen them in a while and the pressure on my inferior vena cava is causing some impressive lower extremity swelling.

But, once I got the pictures loaded, I was struck by two things.

#1 I don’t look that different and #2 my hair looks licked in the newer pictures.  Also, what the fuck’s going on with my mouth in that one picture?  I don’t remember doing that while I was taking the photo.

That was three things wasn’t it?  Oops.

Here are the pictures.  Can you see a difference?

And before anyone asks, I’m wearing a bathing suit in these pictures.  In the 27 weeks pictures, I was wearing pants [obviously] over the bathing suit bottoms.