Semi Homemade Meets The Heathers

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Before Parent Bloggers offered The White Trash Mom Handbook for my reading and reviewing pleasure, I had never heard of Michelle Lamar or her blog, WhiteTrashMom.com. [That makes me a big, out of the loop looser, doesn’t it?]

I was intrigued by the title of the book since #1 I’m from Arkansas, #2 I’m a mom #3 I have a pitbull and #4 we almost moved into a trailer.  I figured that all four of those listed facts would insure that I could identify with any book involving white trash moms…heck, I was basically guaranteed admission into the secret society.

I kind of got the basic idea of the book a tad bit wrong.

Think Semi Homemade with Sandra Lee meets The Ten Steps to Not Ruin Your Kid’s Life.

This book is all about finding the easiest, most efficient way to get the biggest bang for your buck – turning store bought cake into an old family recipe and the volunteering gig that involves the least amount of work but gives you the most visibility.

This woman thinks like me!

At its core, The White Trash Mom Handbook is about embracing imperfection.  It’s about being a real mom and getting on with your life all while trying to keep your family from falling apart at the seams.

If you can’t identify with at least a couple of the things in Lamar’s book, then you’re probably part of the Mufia and you’re not meant to understand the white trash ways.

Normally I’d give this book to a friend who could benefit from the Faux Caramel Brownies on page 99 but my copy is pretty dog eared and has a few coffee stains on it.  So, I’m keeping the book.