36 Weeks and Change

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Yesterday was an interesting and eventful [yet uneventful] day.

I know we did something other than eat at O’Charley’s but I really can only remember the lunch part.

There is a point somewhere around here…

So we were eating lunch and my back started hurting.  Then my stomach started hurting.  Then, they started hurting in tandem.

For those of you who have never had a contraction, it feels [to me] like a menstrual cramp.  For those of you who are male: just imagine your scrotum being squeezed in a very painful way.  [Since I lack a scrotum, this is only an estimation for empathy’s sake.]

This goes on for about fifteen minutes.

My appetite was gone and the waitress was NO WHERE to be seen.

By the time she showed back up, I was about two seconds from telling her that I was in labor and that we were leaving.  Upon further exhamination, I decided that was a tad bit melodramatic and decided against it.

We left.

We drove home.

I sat down on the couch and the contractions had stopped.

I missed my salad.

Everyone keeps telling me: “You’re almost there!”, “I bet you can’t wait to have that baby!!”, “It could happen ANYTIME NOW!!!”.

But, here’s the deal.  I’m not tired of being pregnant.  I like being pregnant.  I’m not swelling like a blimp.  I’m not inundated by heartburn.  My uterus hurts occasionally from Oliver doing somersaults in there but other than that I’m pretty good.

Also, if I “have him” then I have to deal with him.

Not to mention the fact that we’re supposed to go to Millington the first week of September, the pack-n-play isn’t set up and the infant carrier is still at Tucker’s folks’ house.

I guess the point is that I have things to do!

Based on my pregnancy with Cara, I am supposed to go a minimum of one week past due and am not supposed to have “false labor”.

Then again, based on my pregnancy with Cara, I’m supposed to have a failed induction and stall out and then have a c-section.

Hmm…maybe I’ll take false labor.