Clean Water and Other Random Things

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I’m currently reading The Ghost Map.  It’s about a major cholera outbreak in London in the the middle part of the 19th Century.  How’s that for light bedtime reading?

In my defense, Tucker’s reading Bitten which is about…well…bites.  Spider bites.  Ferret bites.  Snake bites.  Human bites.  Pretty much any and every bite that you can think of.

Yeah.  The point…where the hell did I hide that?

I was on Twitter this morning [cause that’s where I always am] and JesseHambley linked to a really cool website: http://www.charitywater.org/birthdays/intro/trailer.html.

I’m not a charity type of person.  I guess I’m way too self-involved and probably just a generally bad person.  But, after reading almost all of The Ghost Map, I can’t help but feel for these people who have NO clean water.  [Cholera is spread in water via infected fecal mater.]

I told Tucker today that if Oliver cooperates and is born in September then we’re going to make him a page on that website and we’re going to donate at least $33 to the cause.  I mean, we’re going to donate cash no matter what but wouldn’t it be really cool to see a newborn on the website?  [It’s all about the publicity.  Not really but that just seemed like the thing to write.]


Have I mentioned that my general state of mental health and my ADD symptoms have been getting progressively worse as this pregnancy progresses?

Things were peachy for the majority of the pregnancy but as I get more and more pregnant, I’m getting more and more crazy.  I can’t help but wonder how much of it is mental illness and how much of it is good ole [meaning fucking sucks] pregnancy brain.

I’ve written before [but I’m not going back to find the link] about being hyperagressive this pregnancy and I 100% blame it on being pregnant with a boy.  There have been several times when Tucker’s had to tell me to back off and each time I’ve felt more than justified in my anger.

Hmm…maybe my inner moderator isn’t doing his/her job right now.

Also, one last bit of randomness.

I NEVER had contractions with Cara before they decided to induce me.  I mean, I had Braxton Hicks contractions but nothing that was painful.  This “false labor” bullshit is for the birds.