Book Giveaway

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Way back in October of last year I reviewed Joshua Henkin‘s book, Matrimony.

I really enjoyed the book and wish that I could link to the review that I wrote.  Sadly, that was one of the posts that got assassinated during the “Great Host Move of ’08”.  [Just take me at my word that I wrote a review and like the book, m’kay?]

Anyway, the paperback version of Matrimony is coming out on the 26th of August and Joshua has contacted me and offered to give away one of the signed books to a lucky reader.

Since I’m a lazy ass, lets just make this a straightforward contest.

You leave a comment.  Other people will leave a comment [hopefully].  Then, on the 26th, I’ll use one of those nifty little fairness thingies over at Random.org to pick a winner so that it’s fair and stuff.