Kind of Free Bare Escentuals Lip Gloss

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I just got an email from BareEscentuals.com about this 4 HOURS ONLY[!!!] thing that they’re doing for their Lip Guard lip gloss.  It’s “kind of free” because you have to buy $40 worth of product and enter in the code BEACHY.

I have to say that I’m mildly pissed by this email since I just got my shipment from Sephora yesterday and where the hell was Bare Escentuals like four days ago when I bought my Medium and Medium Beige foundation?!

ANYWAY, being the kind and giving soul that I am, I figured you might appreciate knowing about the “free” lip gloss.  I have it and it rocks…and kind of smells like some sort of lemon pie.

Make sure you order your stuff between 8 am and 12 noon PST.  [Have fun figuring out when that is for you.]