Cold Large Animals Party

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This morning it was nipple hurting cold.

since I had my “hey you had a baby five weeks ago now put your feet in these stirrups” exam at 9 am today, I got up at 6 am while everyone was still asleep and I grabbed a shower.

My nipples were just fine until I turned off the hot water.

I never had this issue before I had Oliver, but after Ollie put gnarly scabs on both nipple, the girls tend to get their feelings hurt a heck of a lot easier.

You know, if nipples had emotions and when those emotions were hurt they caused me excruciating pain.

As I’m writing about my nipples and their hurt feelings, I know that tomorrow is gonna turn off warm.

Cause, you know, Arkansas weather can never make up its mind.  [If a state could have a consciousness and stuff.]

Anyway, the whole exam took all of five minutes and we were outta there.

I officially weigh less than when I got pregnant.  Then again, there are large animals that weigh less than I did when I got pregnant.

So tomorrow my mom and I are going out shopping for streamer and such for Cara’s birthday party.  There’s not going to be a theme since Cara’s turning two and will be more interested in the boxes that her gifts came in.  Also, I’m making her cake.

Though I have no doubt in my culinary abilities, I have a sneaking suspicion that my decorating abilities will leave much to be desired.

I’m doubting that Cara will care.

On a somewhat random note but not so random since it pertains to Cara’s party, I called my dad to invite him to his granddaughter’s party.

His response?

“If I can make it then I’ll be there.”


Isn’t that nice of him?

If he can take the time out of his busy fucking schedule then he’ll show up for his only granddaughter’s second party.