50% Interesting

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50% of me is SUPER motivated today.

Oliver woke up around 5:30 this morning and then conked back out – after fully waking me up.  [Thanks, Ollie.]  I decided to go ahead and take a shower and get some coffee going.  Shortly there after, Cara woke up and I got her breakfast.  Keep in mind that the sun wasn’t even up yet.  I checked my email.  I sent a couple of work emails out.  I pissed someone off on Twitter and got un-followed.  Busy morning.

50% of me wants to sit on my ass on the couch and not do a thing.

I have a six post per week requirement on SimsGamer.com.  I usually try and have posts queued so that I can focus on other things.  I don’t want to write the posts.  I didn’t want to write on here today.  I don’t want to do my design work.  I definitely don’t want to do house work.

Me = no work.

Unfortunately, if I do no work today then it will be WAY to easy to do no work tomorrow.  And the next thing I know, it will be Saturday and I will have done nothing all week and everyone will think that I’ve died.  So, as you can read, it’s imperative that I not be a lazy douche and that I do my work.

On a completely unrelated subject [cause I do that a lot] I was going through my Twitter followers and noticed a very high number of followers who say in their 140 word bio that they either “love God”, are “strong, Christian women” or something of that sort.  That doesn’t bother me; your religious beliefs or lack thereof isn’t my business.  However, I can’t help but wonder if they’ve ever read any of the “filth” ridden posts on here or any of my colorful tweets.

And my daughter is totally potty training herself.