Hello Kitty and Broken Eggs

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Another day; another post.

Even though it’s Christmas Eve, the weather felt more like Easter than Christmas.  It rained its ass off last night and this morning was just wet.  Being the short person that I am, I got to wear half wet blue jeans while we went shopping for veggies for the vegetable stock that I had to make in preparation for the brining of the turkey sometime this weekend.

I had my first parsnip today.

I was randomly going down the produce aisle looking for interesting veggies to “spice up” the vegetable stock cause well…it’s vegetables!  No meat can make stock a bland boy.

I digress.

So these parsnips were hanging out on the top shelf and they looked rather sad and very unloved.  Since it IS Christmas Eve, I figured that I would show some charity to the parsnips and buy them and give them a home in my big ole stock pot.  Since there’s really no reason to let a good vegetable go to waste, I dished up a couple of those bad boys and boy were they tasty.  If you’ve never had a parsnip, I highly suggest that you try one – or two.  I hear they’re heavenly roasted.

Anyway, we got a butt ton of eggs for the sugar cookies that I was planning on making and we headed home…until Cara started chanting “G’s house!  G’s house!”.  [That’s Cara’s name for my mom by-the-way.]

We headed over to Mom’s and hung out there for a bit.  Ended up going to eat Mexican which made me rather happy and then came home.  We put both kids to bed and I got the veggie stock going.

Once Cara woke up from her nap, I foisted Ollie on to Tucker so that Cara and I could make the sugar cookies.  Being the genius that I am, I forgot to set the butter out to soften.  I DID remember to take it out of the freezer and put it in the fridge last night but that was about a dollar short and a day late.  Or is it a day late and a dollar short.  Oh, whatever.

While I was bitching about my stiff butter [that sounds naughty] I heard a nice [oh fuck what was that] thud behind me.  I turned around to see my massive quantity of eggs on the floor.  Did you know that my first born can reach the top of the counters now?  Yeah…it’s special.

broken-eggsSomehow no eggs ended up out of the container and Tucker methodically picked through the carton to cull out the lame and lazy of the bunch.  I think I ended up with seven eggs that weren’t smashed.

So cookies were mixed up and put in the fridge to harden.  Sugar cookies are the ultimate delayed gratification cookie.  Why the hell I thought that would be a good cookie choice for me – the girl who can’t delay gratification to save her life – I’m not quite sure.

We gave Cara a couple of her presents – a Barbie and a Hello Kitty bubble bath set – and watched as Cara loved that poor Barbie to death.  For Cara’s next trick, she drug her dad into the bathroom to make him give her a bath with her new “bubbles”.  Yeah…it was like 4pm.

Whatever, it made her happy and it is Christmas Eve after all.  Aren’t kids supposed to be able to get away with just about anything on Christmas Eve?

After Cara’s unexpectedly early bath, she ambushed Tucker with demands of “Hello Kitty” on the laptop.  Lots and lots of Hello Kitty.

My initial reaction was one of pure pity on the poor guy.  One minute of Hello Kitty is a minute too long in my book.

I felt pity for the asshole until I saw this:

hello-kitty-desktopFor those of you who can’t really see the slut kitty, let me give you a better view:

slut-hello-kittySo maybe she’s not a slut – I’m sure she’s a very nice God fearing kitty – but what the HELL is she wearing?  Trust me, if you had to listen to twenty minutes of that stupid thing then you would be harboring just a bit of a grudge as well.

What I find really funny is the fact that Tucker just asked me to proof a post that he’s working on for FPSranting.com and after I got done I changed his desktop to a purty Hello Kitty background.  It was like a terrorist Hello Kitty attack.

Take that!