Because He’s Cute

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Yesterday was Christmas.

Lots of food was consumed.  Many presents were opened and tons of pictures were taken.

My father-in-law took all of the pictures and he emailed them to me today.  Sure there were good pictures of Cara but as I was saving the pictures to their happy little folders, I realized that while we have hundreds of pictures of Cara, we have just a few of Oliver.

So is the life of the second child.

With Cara, I only had two stupid pitbulls and a couple of cats to contend with and my days were spent doing nothing but annoying the ever loving hell out of Cara with the camera.

First time she screamed bloody murder – CHECK! [though that novelty wore off REAL quick]

First line of drool down her chin – CHECK!

First time she sat on her own – CHECK!

Who needs a baby book when you have a digital camera with a really big memory card and a full set of batteries?

The point is that poor Oliver is lucky if he gets a picture taken of him twice a month.

Because of this revelation, I’ve decided to only include the Ollie pictures in this post-Christmas picture post.

He’s cute and he deserves it.