Rumble Strips and MiniSD Cards

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I know, I know.  I haven’t updated for a couple of days but in my defense, I really did think that today was Tuesday.  A really, really long Tuesday.

Today was spent taking our SUV to the dealership to have it “checked out”.  As Cara says, it had to go see “Dr. Sneed” – Cara and Oliver’s pediatrician who Cara now LOVES even though Cara screams bloody murder every time she sees Dr. Sneed.

Stub your toe? Boo Boo Owie!  Dr. Sneed!!!

Have a scar on your knee from three months ago? [I’m talking to you, Cara.]  Dr. Sneed!!!

I think you get the point.

Our SUV has been doing this weird “running over a set of rumble strips” thing.  The annoying shudder would go away if you accelerated, so, we just accelerated.  Large mechanical things with internal combustion engines are known for fixing themselves.  Think of them as mechanical newts or salamanders.

Now, about a year later, the SUV has refused to get its ass in gear and stop the rumble stip madness so Tucker’s parents gave Tucker a trip to the dealership as a graduation present.  The good news is that the dealership ran all of its nifty computer type tests and decided that our issue wasn’t a transmission issue but probably just needed the fluids flushed and then refilled.

The downside to the good news is that I won’t have my vehicle back until Friday.  Stupid downsides.

If you were “listening” to me on Twitter last night then you know that Tucker got a new phone [bastard] and that we found a random miniSD card when we first moved in.  Up until Tucker’s new phone acquisition, we had had no use for the card [and nothing to put it in] so the thing got relegated to my pen cup and forgotten.

So, new phone [*grumble*] in hand, Tucker pops the tiny-ass card into his phone and HOLY SHIT there’s good music on it!  Afroman.  Barry White.  Vanilla Ice…wait, I said good music, didn’t I?  Some of the songs were 30 second snippets as it seemed that the original card owner was using said card for ringtones, but still, there were some full length JAMS on this thing.  [There were also a couple of skanky 1/2 nude pics that made me feel dirty and I’m still trying to forget them.]

I was excited for Tucker and his prodigious find.  I was also plotting ways to theive the damn thing once I get my new phone but that’s a minor detail really.  Happy!  I was happy for Tucker!

As I turned to leave the room, I noticed that Tucker was messing around with the files in the OS of his phone.  I warned him not to delete anything since he has about as much of a clue about what he’s doing as a naked mole rat and then I went about my merry way.

I should have stayed.

When I came back into the room, Tucker’s face had a rather sheepish grin plastered upon it.  Apparently, during his random perusing  of his phone, he happened on the “FORMAT” function.  He clicked it and GONE were all of the cool songs [and the sleazy pictures].

Tucker is now the proud owner of a new phone and a blank miniSD card.