The Park and My New Hair

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Did you guys know that it’s Spring Break here? Yeah, we didn’t know that either. If we HAD known that very important fact then we might not have gone to the local forest’s park.

We pulled up and there was NO place to park. When we looked over at the playground, we could hardly see said playground for all of the grimy little kid heads.

Since Cara hasn’t gotten the whole “sharing thing” just yet, we held our breath while we walked into the fray.

We managed to steer Cara to the swings and away from the kids who were running around like chickens with their heads cleaved from their bodies.

For the most part, we had a good time. Ollie was secured in my Baby Hawk and Cara was content to dig in the cat box sandbox for the majority of the time. Still, whenever a kid would come too close we would hear, “NO OTHER GUY!!!”. Also, we were apparently the only parents who thought to bring along our kid’s shovel and there were about five older kids [and I’m talking like 10 yr olds!] who kept trying to steal the two year old’s shovel. My little bruiser kept them back and she maintained possession of her pink shovel the entire time.

It was a good day, though I would have expected her to be damn tired by the time she went to bed…she finally went to sleep around 11pm.

Cara running around in circles:

We got Cara some Hello Kitty panties which are probably the cutest little things I’ve ever seen. I put them on her at 2 this afternoon and Tucker’s about to put her to bed and she hasn’t had an accident yet. A diaper is going on for bedtime w/the panties on over the diaper since she just pitched a fit about her “HELLO KITTY PANTIES!!!”.

And today I got my hair cut. I had planned on doing a before and after picture but I couldn’t find my camera. So, I made a before and after video.

And the hair video: