BlogHer/Lane Bryant Fashion Show

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I’m going shopping this weekend for some clothes for BlogHer.

I’ve mentioned before that Lane Bryant has hooked me and 9 other lovely ladies with gift cards and that’s what I shall be using. I’m not listing the other chicks yet cause I don’t know if they want me to. I’ll send out a big ole email tomorrow and ask them all if  can share their names and sites and if everyone’s all like, “Sweet! Link love!” then I’ll link everyone up and probably waste too many hours minutes making a nifty lil blog badge. Hell.

It will be entertaining to me.

OK. Fashion show time. We’ll be getting to Chicago on Thursday. I have three parties to go to on Thursday and I’m just gonna wear the same thing to all three since they’re all happening on top of each other.

Friday is the first day of “sessions” and from what I’ve gathered, it’s business casualesque meaning that some will be all tricked out in their business clothes and some will be wearing t-shirts and jeans. I’d like to be somewhere in the middle.

Saturday is another day of sessions. I’m thinking “nice” jeans for Friday and Saturday since I’ll be the most comfortable in jeans. Here are the things that I’m interested in getting. The black metallic looking shirt is a definite and the black pants are probably a definite but I’m not sure about the other stuff. I need a dress so I can wear a dress to at least one party.

I’m thinking the black metallic shirt could double as a sessions shirt AND a party shirt. Session version would be shirt + dark wash jeans and cute shoes. Party version would be shirt + black pant and hot shoes. Tube top would obviously be a “party shirt” and I’d wear the black pants again. Once I got my shopping cart full, I noticed that everything I had was black, so I tossed the shirt in for shits and giggles though I don’t have a top to wear with it.

What do you guys think? Have you been to BlogHer? What did you wear? Are you going this year? What are you wearing? SHARE! I’m not gonna jack your style but I need ideas cause the sorority t-shirt from five years ago and [SWEET!!!] Right Fit Jeans I’m wearing right now just aren’t gonna cut it.

Lane Bryant Black Top

Lane Bryant Black Pants

Lane Bryant Black Geometric Tube Top

Lane Bryant Black Dress

Lane Bryant Grey and Floral Skirt

All images came from Lane Bryant’s site and the Right Fit jeans that I’m wearing were sent to me to wear and they RAWK. I’m a “Red”-thank you very much. 😉