They Must Have Switched Places

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Today, the day of Oliver’s make-up one year doctor’s appointment, Oliver decided to have a psychological break.

Actually, I think that he and his sister did one of those crazy changaroo things like in that horrible movie with Lindsay Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis where they switch places and all types of zaniness ensues. You know that one I’m talking about?


Oliver thought that it would be a fabulous idea to nab his sister’s cup of milk – a cup that had a straw protruding from it – and run for the hills. OK. He was running for the other side of the pediatrician’s office but who really needs details?

I politely took the cup from him, told him that he could drink the milk as long as I was holding it and that obviously wasn’t good enough since Oliver crumpled into a ball of toddler and then kicked his feet and screamed at the top of his lungs for the next twenty minutes. Really. Twenty minutes. I timed it.

I rotated between picking him up and having him kick me in the stomach, to putting him down and letting him throw a fit in the floor. Because of the fit throwing in the floor, he now has a righteous carpet burn on his forehead.

And you know, this all happened at a pediatrician’s office. Where kids routinely throw ear splitting fits and scream to the point where you’re sure that any moment, they’re going to puke. You would think they would be immune to these little [loud] displays of toddler angst. BUT, judging by the looks we received from the office staff, apparently Ollie’s tantrum was the first they had ever seen.

So. To the people who gave us nasty looks and made snide remarks to their co-workers: fuck you.

Once we were taken to an examination room, Ollie’s mood improved and he got his two shots and we were on our way.

Poor kid came home and crashed for an hour so I guess he wore himself out.

Lord knows he wore ME out.

The whole time, Cara was the epitome of helpful and kind. It was almost like she saw her opportunity to be the “good child” and she pounced on that role like a cat on a mouse.

I’m not going to fault her for that. It made my life a bit easier and when she’s being “good”, I’m not in the habit of questioning it.