I Couldn’t Come Up with a Snazzy Title

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Am I the only person who still hasn’t gotten the whole daylight savings time thing down?

It just seems unnatural for it to be bright as noon when it’s only 6am. Of course, once it’s light outside, my children [who were apparently birds in a former life] are awake and loud and demanding breakfast and cartoons.

So, we’ve all been up since 6 this morning and I’m steadily working my way through a pot of coffee.

I’m rewatching the first episode of Season 3 of Mad Men and am I the only one who feels like there was a missing episode between the finale of Season 2 and the beginning of Season 3? Betty’s all big and pregnant and there are new people in the office who are just there and weren’t really introduced. Odd.

And on a completely unrelated subject, @tomguarriello tweeted a link to this year’s Breeder’s Cup and it was fucking amazing. Really amazing. I’ve always been into horses and there’s just something about a filly winning over studs and geldings and winning easily. Hell, for the first half of the race the filly was practically loping in the back and didn’t seem the least bit concerned. Awesome video. You’ll have to follow the link to ESPN’s Breeder’s Cup page since they’ve disabled embedding of the video. Just go watch it.

So, yeah. Today’s going to be filled with coffee and cleaning since Tucker gets back from Drill tonight. Considering how he picked up the living room before he left, I can’t very well let him come home to a screwed up house.

And thanks to you guys who emailed your support and left comments. You guys rock my socks.

Image|Jack Kendall