Really Cold Shower

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I’m sitting in the Starbucks at Barnes and Noble right now in Jonesboro, AR and I can’t quit tapping my foot to the obnoxious Christmas music that’s being piped in.

It’s not that I’m going all Scrooge or anything but when I have to plug one ear so I can hear my phone…well…the music is too damn loud.

Loudness does not automatically equal Christmas cheer. I’m just sayin’.

The plan last night was for Cara to sleep with Mom and for me to sleep with Ollie and for everyone to get a full night’s worth of sleep. I really, really should have known better.

Cara discovered that there is a TV in the room where I’m sleeping and since TVs in the bedroom are a never before seen thing for small and loud Cara, she decided that she would sleep with Ollie and me. Yay!

We were all awake until about 11 o’clock last night and the madness ended when I finally turned all of the lights off and plunged us into utter darkness. Like darkness SO dark that I literally couldn’t see my hand in front of my face. Maybe Ollie functions like a canary? Maybe I should have tried throwing a blanket over his head? I have a sneaking suspicion that the kid would have passed right out. File that little idea away for another time.

I’m only kind of joking.

Since I have to get work done and Mom has NO INTERNET [gasp!] I knew that I would have to look half way presentable when I went out where there might be humans I went to high school with. Because really, how embarrassing would it be to be sitting at Starbucks – working furiously – and have some random hawt guy from high school come and tap me on the shoulder to say “HI!” only to have him run away in terror?

Now that I really think about that idea, I realize that most of the hot guys from high school moved away from here the second we graduated high school and the ones who didn’t move away all have developed a receding hairline and a belly.

I wore the shirt that I was going to wear today yesterday when I drove to Arkansas [read that part again…I promise it makes sense] and it was a little wrinkled from me sitting in the car for five hours. Since steam takes just about all wrinkles out, I hung the shirt up in the bathroom, cranked the water all the way over to HOT and then shut the door while I got a towel.

I guess it took me longer than I thought to get that damn towel since as I stuck a toe under the water I was greeted with luke warm water instead of burn-your-skin-off-hot water.

Well. Damn.

So that shower was a five minute shower and I still wasn’t able to beat the cold water. By the time I got to rinsing the conditioner out of my hair, the water that was streaming over my face was so cold that it took my breath away and my brain and to remind my lungs that it’s generally a good idea to take in a breath every now and then.

But maybe cold showers are actually a good thing for me since I’ve managed to pound out 549 words in about ten minutes. Granted, those words have been random ramblings about cold showers and loud Christmas music, but, it’s better than nothing and I did tell Mom that I would be back at her house to save her from the kids at 13:00 so I’m working on a deadline here, people.

I’m going home tomorrow where I’ll have warm showers, WiFi in my house and every reason under the sun to not work.

Must. Work. Now.

Disclaimer: You should look at the shirt that I’m wearing today [and wore yesterday] since it’s damn cute. Lane Bryant sent me a $50 gift card to buy whatever I wanted with it and the shirt is what I picked.