My Favorite Posts on Taste Like Crazy from 2009

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Since I don’t feel like thinking about monumental moments of 2009 or the decade for that matter, I’ve decided to go through the posts of the past year and list my favorites.

The list starts with my favorite of this month and goes down to January.

Some months were better than others and picking a favorite was difficult and some months were so short on good stuff that I had to shrug my shoulders, close my eyes and stab at the laptop screen.

Read ’em if you’ve got time; some are actually pretty awesome.

My Favorite Posts on Taste Like Crazy from 2009

  1. What Books Do You Remember?A call for your favorite books from childhood
  2. The Best Apples I CanMemories from childhood juxtaposed teaching my kids important life lessons
  3. The Mirror and TimeShort story about a girl and her odd ability to see ghost in mirrors
  4. My Sunshine BoyA birthday post for Oliver that isn’t your typical “Happy Birthday” fare
  5. A Game I’d Rather Not PlayGot me a Five Star Friday on Schmutzie‘s site; about standing up to my dad
  6. Mother, Thy Name is CowWhere Cara calls me a cow but not for the reason you’re thinking
  7. Take Back Your PowerAbuse statistics and a link to Violence Unsilenced. Not light reading but good
  8. The Eyelet ShirtStory from childhood concerning worst teacher in the history of teachers
  9. Kermit JaggerJoke. It’s funny. Read it.
  10. A Very Talented CarpenterConversation between Tucker and me about Handy Manny
  11. The Unwanted ChildAbout Ollie and when I first found out I was pregnant with him
  12. The New Stage Moms/Dads Intelligence, kids and the parents who live vicariously through them