Here’s To Hoping They Laugh with Me

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Tonight brings another night of YouTube videos but tonight includes some of my own instead of just the Vlog Brothers.

Also, in case you heard about the tornado in Huntsville, we’re fine [obviously] but I DID catch a rockin picture of the precursor to that tornado.

Check this out:

It sounded like a train! OK. Not really.

Part of my job over at EveryJoe.com is to go through emails various gaming companies send me that might on any given day include crappy pitches about crappy games your grandma wouldn’t play [you know…if your grandma was a gamer], high res assets [pictures] of video games and sometimes, PR companies send me videos I can download and then wonder what the hell I’m going to do with them.

Today, I got an email about a new [it came out in Dec. 09] Legend of Zelda game where the guys who made Wallace & Gromit made three Legend of Zelda shorts. I watched the videos, searched YouTube and found that no one had uploaded these videos. Huzzah! I would be the first. And you know, the videos are kind of funny and they’re quirky and I just generally liked them.

This coming from the girl [woman?] who never played Zelda. I know. I know! I call myself a “gamer” and shit but I’ve never played any of the Zelda games. Shoot me. OK. Don’t really shoot me. I just wasn’t into Zelda and really, when Zelda was REALLY popular, I’m not even sure that I was even that into video games.

At any rate, while I was uploading these videos, I started going through my old stuff on YouTube and I found some stuff of Cara when she was Ollie’s age [actually younger than Ollie]. Back when we still had Beck – who I miss like I would miss a limb – and back when things seemed much more simple.

I guess the point of tonight’s post is to show you the Zelda videos and to show you the couple of videos of Cara when she was tiny and adorable. Also, I submitted The Note to a short story contest and about puked when I received the email confirmation that the contest received my submission.

You know what I’m talking about, right? That feeling where you’d swear your stomach had dropped down to your stomach? Kind of like the feeling when you realize that you forgot to pay a very important bill…except times about 20. The thing is, I KNOW that story is good and it’s actually the first I’ve ever written where I was all like, “THAT is some good shit”. But still…what if they don’t like it?

What if they laugh?

That’s not a funny story. Laughter would be AT me and definitely not WITH me. The BAD kind of laughter. At any rate, here are the videos. The first three are the Nintendo/Zelda videos and the other two are of Cara.

Those were the days, y’all. How was your day?