Two Videos More Interesting Than Me

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Nothing new has really happened around here.

I stayed off of the internet for the most part this weekend – I even took a break from Sims3Gamer.com.

With all of the politicking that was going on, I just didn’t want to listen to it. We talk about politics enough around here as it is without having to defend myself online or hear people try to ram their views down my throat.

So, I played Sims 3…the whole weekend.

And it was fun. Yay. Me.

But enough about me.

Watch these two videos.

This is Wheezy Waiter who I watch on an almost daily basis. He makes me laugh.

This is how to turn a lighter into a laser burner. I’m¬†preemptively¬†kicking myself for this since I have a sneaking suspicion I’m going to notice several of my lighters come up missing as well as a marked spike in burns on Tucker’s body.