The Mom Dance

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If you came to our apartment today – and I don’t suggest you do thatĀ sinceĀ I’m still in my pjs – you’d see a towel on the top of every door.

It’s not that we lack towel racks…it’s that we have children who refuse to leave their doors open. And putting a towel over the door requires less effort than taking a door off of its hinges. I’ve been there and done that and it’s a big pain in the ass to figure out what to do with that door once you’ve taken it down.

The most common scenario is Oliver will go into one of the bedrooms or one of the bathrooms, shut the door and then beat on the door until someone lets him out. Only to immediately shut the door again. He would do it all day if I let him.

Am I the only one who has a kid who does this?

He hasn’t gotten the idea to grab a chair and try to scale the door…yet.

I know it’s coming.

You’ve heard about it a million times on this site: our kids’ sleep issues. Most recently, Oliver’s sleep issues.

Last night he woke up at 1AM doing the whole screaming thing. I went in there, checked his diaper – he was dry – and then picked him up. His arms were cold and I wrapped the blanket around him as I did that dance every mom knows.

The one where you rock side to side? The one you catch yourself doing in the grocery check-out line even though you’re not holding a baby?

Yeah. That one.

After about ten minutes of the mom dance, I put him back in his crib and he bitched at me. But instead of getting up and screaming like he normally does, he told me to “STOP!!!” – not sure what I was doing to need to be told to stop since I was just standing there – and he pointed at the other blanket I was holding.

I covered him up with the blanket. He did this spit thing which means he is basically done with me and then rolled over.

I’m pretty sure that was him dismissing me.

He slept until 6AM.