Why are You Always Banging Mommy?

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Tucker’s going to drill and that means we have to stock up on things like milk and bread and such. It’s not that I can’t go by myself, it’s that I don’t want to.

Since it was lunch time and we were out anyway, Tucker said we’d run through a fast food joint on the way home. Cool with me.

But, once we were done, the traffic was crazy and we were on the wrong side of the interstate and Tucker decided to just go home.

Fine. Whatever. No fast food for me. Which is actually a good thing but he said we were going to get some and then we didn’t. And yes, for the record, I am a child.

Tucker asked why I was pouting and I finally admitted it was because of the lack of fast food and he started ribbing me about wasting money and always wanting the “good things in life”. For the record, he was totally joking. Not to be outdone I came back at him with, “Why you gotta always be blaming me for everything?!”

We were playing but of course Cara took that point in our conversation to ignore Sleeping Beauty and ask her father why daddy was “always banging mommy?”

Tucker and I looked at each other with wide eyes, knowing surely she didn’t REALLY say “banging”. We must have just heard her wrong.

And we had. She was asking “Why are you always BLAMING mommy?” but since her inflection is still a bit iffy, we hadn’t heard her right.

Gotta love three year olds.