30 Something is WAY More Relevant Now

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Last night, I decided to peruse Netflix to see what TV shows were hanging out and what was available for See Now or whatever it’s called.

I watched all of the first season of Lie to Me – which I LOVED – and then was stuck with the realization I wasn’t going to be able to watch Season 2 since it isn’t available.

I started digging through what I could watch and found 30 Something.

I remember that from when I was little. I remember that in little snippets.

I figured, what the hell?

And then I saw the Pilot. And I instantly connected with the show.

Episode One was equally as compelling.

It is my life. It’s everything I’ve felt. Everything I’ve experienced thus far with marriage and babies.

The crying baby in the resteraunt where the kid wants boob but you want the kid to take a bottle and you’re fumbling with your shirt? Where your friends don’t have kids and they don’t understand you have kids and they seem to instantly not “get” you? When your parents come to visit and everything your mother does seems to be a direct attact upon you?

I can see why the show was such a hit in its time.

Each episode [the two I had time to watch] seemed like a movie all on its own.

In a way, the show depresses me.

Part of it is because it is so true to life. The wants, fears, the arguments, the lack of sex due to a crying baby…all of that. There are bits and pieces of happiness but mostly it’s everyday life.

And for some reason, I can’t get enough of it.