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Word of the Day: Dacryon

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dac·ry·on [dak-ree-on] –noun, plural -ry·a [-ree-uh] Anatomy . The point of junction of the maxillary, lacrimal, and frontal bones. [Origin: 1875–80; < NL < Gk dákryon a tear (var. of dákry ); see dacryo-] To be extremely blunt, if you have this your face doesn't fall off. You don't have this, you won't want ...

How Do We Break the Sugar Addiction?

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Everyone has their favorite foods. Tucker could live on ice cream and pizza. When those two things are placed in front of him, he eats it all no matter how much is there. My weakness is meat. If I were an animal, I would be an alligator or something. All that meat just heading on down to ...

Word of the Day: Cruciverbalist

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cru·ci·ver·bal·ist [krs-vûrb-lst] n. 1. A constructor of crosswords. 2. An enthusiast of word games, especially of crosswords. [From Latin crux, cruc-, cross + Latin verbum, word (translation of English crossword).] I'm horrible at crossword puzzles. I love words, I love playing with word, I love making up words. However, the ADD tends to kick in and I can't spell ...

Word of the Day: Birthday

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birth·day   [burth-dey] n. 1. The anniversary of a birth. 2. The day of a person's birth. 3. A day marking or commemorating the origin, founding, or beginning of something. 4. The festivities or celebration marking such a day or anniversary. [Origin: 1350–1400; ME; see birth, day] Last night I thought I'd make this a weekly thing instead of daily thing: Word ...

Word of the Day: Albumen

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al·bu·men n. 1. The white of an egg, which consists mainly of albumin dissolved in water. 2. See albumin. [Latin albmen, from albus, white; see albho- in Indo-European roots.] Let's use it in a sentence, shall we? The albumen was very viscous and reminded me of snot. Class dismissed. Image

Full Contact Yoga and a Geeky Finalist

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I mentioned I'm doing yoga now and since starting, I've missed two days: Saturday and Sunday. But Saturday doesn't count since Tucker, the kids, my mom and I all went to the local nature center and walked around for three hours or something and I sweated off half of my body weight. Sunday? Sunday I took ...

The Kids are Home and Will It Blend?

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What did I do this weekend? Tucker and I trekked to Arkansas and picked the kids up. And the kids missed us. Which was cool. We got home last night, the kids went to bed with little fuss and as I'm typing this, Tucker's fixing them lunch [Note: I've been writing this all freakin' day.] and the kids ...

My Butt Hurts and I Get to See My Kids

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I get to see my kids today. Yay! And I can type that without being sarcastic. Sure the house is really clean and tidy. Sure the kids' rooms look like they have been set up for a photo shoot or something. Dinners have been eaten later than they've been eaten in almost four years. We actually watched ...

Here’s to Not Crying

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We go to pick the kids up tomorrow. Actually, we head to my in-laws' tomorrow and then we take the kids home on Saturday. This week has blown by. Like it feels like the week hasn't even happened. Like where the hell did the past five or six days go? I say five or six because I don't ...

When the Mice are Away the Parents will Run?

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I have a sneaking suspicion this is going to be an interesting week. First off, I screwed up one of my giveaways and closed it early because I was all confused and had written the closing date down incorrectly in my planner. Yay, me. Not really since I chose a winner and I'm not about to ...

This is the Story of a Girl

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This is the story of a girl who thought she was unlovable - someone who was considered a "good for right now" kind of girl. As luck would have it, the girl met a boy and her opinion of herself began to change. No longer was she afraid she would never really be loved. Now, she was ...