Cereal Killer

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Mom’s here for Thanksgiving.

We’re having brined chicken, dressing, green beans, mashed potatoes and gravy, some kind of rolls and caramel pie. Yay for Thanksgiving! Yay for food.

That’s not the point. Point! Where’d you go?!

About ten minutes ago, Mom and I were talking about the West Memphis Three case. I’m originally from around that area and remember the news stories about the case – you’ll just have to read about it if you want to know more. Apparently there was DNA testing done and the DNA didn’t match any of the three guys who have been convicted of the three boys’ murders.

Mom and I were discussing the case and Mom mentioned how well read Echols seems and how intelligently he presents himself. I made the offhanded comment that most killers probably are intelligent.

While there was a lull in the conversation, Cara asked me, “Serial killers don’t like cereal, right Mom?”

Mom covered her mouth and started giggling and I agreed with Cara that they don’t like cereal but we do and that’s OK. Cara’s content with that explanation.

*Edited whist writing this*

I read the part about Mom giggling to Mom and Mom wanted me to make sure to add that I was giggling as well. This seems to have satisfied her blood lust.