My Night

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When you’ve had a blog since 2007 and by you I mean me, you tend to repeat yourself.


Actually, I repeat myself all the time. I’ve become that grandma everyone rolls their eyes at cause Grandma’s repeating the cat story again but she doesn’t realize it. Except I’m not old and Cara’s only four so I don’t have any grandkids but all that isn’t exactly the point, now is it?


When I was little I was scared out of my mind of storms.

My grandma was scared of them and I spent a lot of time at her house and some of her hysteria rubbed off on me.

I’m TONS better now and I don’t want to pass all of that kid me scaredness–I made up a word. Yay, me!–to Cara and/or Ollie so I enjoy the wind and the rain and the thunder and all that.

The Weather Channel predicted thunderstorms for last night and high winds but as long as the kids were asleep, I knew they wouldn’t hear the storm so I was all like, “Come on, storm!”

And around midnight, the tornado sirens woke me up.

I told Tucker to wake up and he went back to sleep because he’s a dork.

We finally got the kids into the bathroom and hung out in there until I woke up enough to check my phone and learn the tornado–if one even touched down–wasn’t near us.

Kids were put back to bed.

Tucker and I went back to bed.

I dreamed about dropping a water balloon on some people and then moving out of my dorm in college.

And that was my night.

How was your night?