Top 9 PS2 Games That Should Come To PS3

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One of the things I keep waiting for is a game–probably a RPG–that grabs me by the hair and makes me play it.


And after I play it, I wanna play it
again because it was that freakin good.

It’s been a long time since I found a game like that–Fallout 3 is probably the last one for me.

Since I can’t find too much to inspire me at the moment–though I’m always looking to the future–I can’t help but look to the past and imagine some of the games I enjoyed the hell out of could be picked up, dusted off and shined to reveal a new PS3 sparkle.

In alphabetical order, yo.

    1. Black

      –Short. No replay value. Pretty graphics. Fun.

    1. God of War

      –I know there’s like three of these out there and the third one is available on the PS3 but the first was the best. If you say anything other than that, I’ll stuff my fingers in my ears and holler, “LA,LA,LA,LA!!!”

    1. Fahrenheit/Indigo Prophecy

      –This game has the most screwed up ending in the history of screwed up endings. But before the ending, it’s awesome. And the only reason the ending isn’t awesome is cause it’s like the creators took seven snakes and braided them together and expected the snakes to play nice and not bite the others. Or something.[1]

    1. Jade Cocoon 2

      –Turn based, monster breeding, level-upping, engrossing and just plain fun.

    1. Kingdom Hearts 2

–The first one wasn’t bad but the second one’s game mechanics got whipped into shape and the story was a heck of a lot more compelling. And then there’s the Disney tie-ins. Nobody keeps the mouse down. And Sephiroth is stupid.

    1. Okami

–Pretty. Pretty. Pretty. Pretty. The sumi-e style is great. And the gameplay is a blast. And it’s pretty. And it made me happy to play it.

    1. Psychonauts

–Kooky characters, psychic powers, summer camp, fantabulously odd locations. What more could you ask for?

    1. Silent Hill 2

–Silent Hill scared the crap out of me. That radio when a boogie man got close? Nightmares, I’m tellin’ ya. The second Silent Hill took the horror of the first–and I mean horror in the classic sense which is mental/psychological fear–game and knocked it up. Then add the superior soundscapes and soundtrack and the damn fine story and you have a game that deserves a second look and a new console.

    1. Star Ocean: Till the End of Time

–I played The Second Story on Playstation and loved it and Till the End of Time continued to impress me. The length of gameplay alone was awesome. I know there’s a PS3 edition that was released in 2010 but I just want Till the End of Time for PS3. Is that too much to ask?

On a semi-sidenote, there’s one game I’d like to see come to the PS3 above all others: Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete. It was released on the Saturn–or Sega CD depending on who you ask–like coon’s age ago and I still use it as a yardstick with which to measure all RPGs.

One of the most beautiful themes ever:

I KNOW I’ve forgotten a couple of games. Out of all the PS2 games out there, I know I haven’t gotten them all.

Do you have one you’d like to see come to the PS3? Or if you HAVE to be mean, you can have it come to the XBox360. But consider getting yourself a PS3, k?

  1. [1]Heavy Rain is by the same dudes–Quantic Dream.