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I’m writing this so I don’t have to write that but you don’t know what “that” is yet and I don’t wanna tell you because you’ll read it once I un-psych myself out.

Dunechaser--This image is awesome but has nothing to do with what I wrote.

And, yes, yes I did just make that up. Cause if you can psych yourself out then you can UN psych yourself out since UN means: giving negative or opposite force in adjectives and their derivative adverbs and nouns.[1] It also means “yeah” in Japanese…at least that’s what the internet tells me and it knows a lot.

We got a really big TV–42″ LCD–this weekend because our old one became possessed and would turn itself on and off whenever the mood struck it…if moods strike TVs. And if moods DO strike TVs then what is Steve the PS3 feeling? And Rosie the iRobot? We’re so screwed.

Phineas & Ferb looks fabulous on the new TV, by the way.

Just deal with me here, OK?

Back when I was in school–ages and ages and ages ago–my English teachers always said you should “free write” to help get the juices flowing so that’s what I’m doing here. I guess I could have written this out longhand but ever since I started blogging, my handwriting has gone to utter shit and my hand cramps up and it’s not a pretty thing.

I also could just leave this in draft but that’s no fun. You might as well get to read what goes around in my head. And this is just the stuff I can corral and get down via mah fingers.

Here’s to hoping a couple more travel cups of coffee and much less Twitter will lead me to a brilliant thing.

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