Buy Heather Solos’s Home-Ec 101 Because You’re Dirty

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OK. Maybe YOU’RE not dirty but your house is.

Home-Ec 101 book cover

Disclosure: Heather's a friend of mine but if her book sucked, I wouldn't have offered to review it and I definitely wouldn't be giving two copies of the book to two of you.

Your clothes are getting ratty.

You don’t know the meaning of pinch or poach.

And you didn’t realize any of these horrors until you read Heather Solos’s book, Home-Ec 101: Skills for Everyday Living–titled after her wildly popular website.

Well now you think you shouldn’t read Heather’s book because you think it’s going to make you feel guilty but you’re wrong.

Wrong, I tell you!

Home-Ec 101 pushes all of your housekeeping shortcomings and failures in your face and then it picks you up, wipes the floor grit from your tear stained face and shows you how to fix it all.

The book is divided up into four different sections: Clean It, Wash It, Fix It,¬†Cook It. In case you get lost in the sea of awesome, there’s a handy dandy Index

A sampling of useful things you should already know but either no one ever taught you or you’ve willfully forgotten:

  • Can’t seem to get into the swing of things when it comes to a cleaning schedule?
    Page 24.
  • How the heck do you care for a butcher’s block and/or wooden cutting board?
    Page 53.
  • Want to get REALLY, REALLY grossed out about dust mites?
    Page 84.
  • Treatments for common stains?
    Page 94.
  • Washing instruction for different types of fabrics?
    Page 114.
  • Life span of major appliances?
    Page 133.
  • Need help unclogging lots of different pipes/drains?
    Page 148.
  • Need easy starter tips for horrible/new cooks?
    Page 163.
  • Don’t know how to read a recipe and/or have no clue what the heck a recipe is?
    Chapter Eighteen which starts on pg 182.
  • Help with coordinating cooking times?
    Page 195.
  • Need help preparing for the Zombie Apocalypse? [I kid you not.] Chapter Nineteen.
  • Meal planning is Chapter Twenty.
  • Substitutions is Chapter Twenty-One.
There’s tons of information in this book; enough information your eyes would cross and you’d chuck it across the room if Heather didn’t keep the tone light. Heather consistently cracks jokes through even the most mundane of topics and splatters fun–and sometimes disgusting–bits of information around.
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    Good luck to everyone who enters and if you don’t win, buy Heather’s book. It comes in a physical–“real”–book and both Kindle and Nook versions.