DIY Eco Friendly Egg Carton Laptop Desk Thing

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Today’s discovery is brought to you by breakfast which consisted of scrambled eggs and french toast.

Darwin, my laptop, is a great machine that does all kinds of wondrous¬†things but a by product¬†of all that awesome is A LOT of heat. Heat I’m surprised hasn’t led to a first degree burn or two on my lap.

I’ve looked at the laptop cooling desks and they don’t cost that much and they come in pretty colors but I’ve never convinced myself to get one.

Now I don’t need to buy one since I “made” one myself.

It might not be pretty but my thighs are burn free and the flat egg carton offers plenty of ventilation for Darwin.

In case you’re wondering, the flat egg carton came from a box of five dozen eggs we have in the fridge; we go through a lot of eggs here. There are two of the egg cartons in the box so you have one laptop desk jobber and a container for finger paints all in one box.