I’m Going To E3 Cause I’m a Winner

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Remember way back when when I wrote about KmartGamer taking three very lucky bloggers to E3 with them and how it would be all paidĀ for and stuff and HOLY FREAKING COW!

At least that’s how it was to me in my head–consider yourself lucky you don’t have to be in there all the time.

As I’m sure you have already guessed, I’m one of those very lucky bloggers.

I’ve known for a while but I couldn’t say anything…which annoyed the hell out of me since all I wanted to do was jump up and down and run around and tell everyone. So I told Sophie the Pit Bull–who was decidedly unimpressed–and then Cara and Ollie. I didn’t get near the reaction I was hoping for.

That’s what I get for letting a dog and two kids under five be the first to hear such awesome news.

It goes without saying–but I will–that I’m excited like a geek with a new cache of Mt. Dew and a T1 line but I’m also scared out of my flip-flops at the thought of interviewing the folks who have had their hands up in some of the coolest games to come around in a heck of a long time.

And I wish I could play golf since I received an email today inviting me to a golf tournament put on by Child’s Play and the ESA. Child’s Play is one of the groups I hope I can meet up with while I’m in L.A.–that sounds REALLY weird to say/write/read.

I submitted my list of people I want to speak with while I’m at E3 and my top five (in no particular order):

  1. The producers of The Sims 3 so I can get some info for Sims 3 Gamer.
  2. The Bethesda/Skyrim folks.
  3. Someone from Konami about NeverDead…though maybe I should be talking with Rebellion? I’ll take what I can get.
  4. The Blizzard people and specifically, the console people they just hired. Diablo III on the PS3? Yes, please.
  5. PopCap. Odd choice? Nah. I spent the past weekend slaughtering zombies with my pea shooters and I’m more than a bit curious about what they have in store to fill Plants vs Zombies’s pots.

This whole thing has me excited and nervous and nauseous and proud and humbled and jittery and I really want to just grab a nice drink and hangout close to the show floor and people watch.

Because, really? Can you imagine a better place to people watch than E3?

I asked on my contest post what you wanted to see covered while I’m at E3 and I think only Jordon gave any input so here’s your big chance!

Let me know what you want to hear about. I’ll do my best to get you some video via my Captivate’s most awesome camera.

Edited to add Peter and Stephen’s links–the other two awesome winners–and a bad ass animated gif since there is never a wrong time for the right gif.

Actually…I just couldn’t pick so you get three.

You’re welcome.