My Business Cards Don’t Suck!

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Since I’m heading to L.A. in just over a month for E3, I needed business cards.

I still have some minicards floating around from 2007 but they all have b5media on them and since b5 canned all of their staff writers–myself included, I’m not in the mood to give them real estate on my business cards.

I wanted to stand out without being obnoxious about it since you generally want to be remembered for good things, right? Not for having a business card you have to fold origami style just so you can find someone’s email address. OK. I’m sure there are folks out there who would get off on something like that–Tucker, I’m talking about you.–but I’m not one of them.

I made something simple with contrast and my picture and I like them. And I’ll admit I keep staring at them and expecting a typo…because I bought 250 of the buggers and that would be my luck. I haven’t found a typo yet. I’m waiting on my brain to start messing with me.

At any rate, YAY for business cards that don’t suck.