Five Pretty Awesome Bloggers

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I recently heard that “diary blogs” are dead. People want useful blogs. At least that’s what the “expert” on NPR said. She went on to explain people don’t want to read about what you had for breakfast–I had a homemade meatloaf sandwich, by the way. My knee jerk reaction was to defend the diary blogs but the more I rolled it over in my head, the more I agreed with the NPR chick. However, and this is a big however for me, what someone defines as useful is as varied as the people defining the word.

Each of the five bloggers on my list of Five Pretty Awesome Bloggers each brings something different to the interwebs table and I find them all useful in their own special way. I chose these five out of a huge bucket of awesome folks. If you didn’t “make” the list, it’s not cause you’re unawesome, it’s because I only had five spots.

Amy Turn Sharp Amy does this thing with words that makes me want to sit down, read her stuff and never write again. But that’s just me being all insecure and I’m sure Amy wouldn’t want anyone to stop writing especially not because of her. She’s a very nice lady; I met her at Blissdom this year. She also makes very cute babies.
Cecily I don’t remember when I first started reading Cecily’s blog “Uppercase Woman.” I suspect it involved some post she wrote that created a veritable sh*t storm on Twitter and lots of people probably linked to it and acted all offended and stuff. This has happened a couple of times to Cecily. But here’s the thing, she’s just being honest and some people seem to be determined to misinterpret what she’s putting down. Cecily’s a cool chick and you should check out her site if you appreciate a strong, honest voice and are willing to stop and think about someone else’s point of view.
Heather Solos In the interest of full disclosure, Heather’s my friend so take whatever I say with a grain of salt but Heather would most likely beat me if I lied about her either way so I’ll just stick to the facts. Heather’s site, Home Ec 101,is a veritable treasure trove of useful hints, tricks, recipes and snark; the snark is well hidden but it’s there. Promise. I reviewed Heather’s book last month and you should read the book. Even if you’re a know-it-all since I’ll wager Heather knows more.
Chris Holm I heard about Chris Holm’s 8 Pounds through the New York Times…I think. But that’s not the point. By way of many, many internet links, I ended up on Chris’s site and just started reading. His style of writing is conversational without being messy and he seems like the sort of guy I’d like to sit down with and have some coffee. Or vodka. I’m not picky.
Wordplay I just recently discovered K.M. Weiland’s site, Wordplay. When you hit up her site–and you should–be sure to check out her “Popular Posts” widget in the right sidebar. Those posts will not only give you a quick look at what Weiland has to offer but will give you a ton of stuff to think about. And check out her videos. Here’s a good example: Does Your Story Maintain Consistency in the Details?

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