Season 4 True Blood Promos and Teasers

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If you haven’t read the most recent book in the Sookie Stackhouse Series, Dead Reckoning, then you’re missing out.True Blood Merlotte's Bar and Grill

Unfortunately, the book has only received a three star rating on Amazon.com and I think it deserves a higher rating but the book did have some issues and maybe part of my opinion of the book is in part due to the fact it was heads and shoulders above its predecessor; I wasn’t a fan of book ten.

When the True Blood series premiered on HBO, I was determined to not watch it. From the teasers, I could already tell the show wasn’t going to follow the books–Hello, Season 2. I’m talking to you.–and since I had read all of the books that were out by that time, I felt a crazy sense of loyalty to them.

Then one weekend Tucker went to drill and I was left at home with nothing to do and a Season One marathon of True Blood on HBO. I gave in, watched the first episode and was hooked.

Season Four is right around the corner, June 26th, and the Season Four promos and teasers are the best HBO has put out.