Dan Lepard’s Starter and a No-Knead Sourdough Bread

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I would love to be able to show you a picture of the bread I baked yesterday but for one thing, the bread is all gone. For another, the bread ended up looking rather homely due to the fact I didn’t take into account the amount of time required to do the recipe properly.


To the uninitiated, I’m not sure what you see but when I look at that big ole bowl, I see a very active sourdough starter that wants me to mix it with some water and flour and create a party in my mouth.

I have three links for you.

Apparently Dan Lepard is a big deal in the food world. To me he was just a nice guy on Twitter who would talk to me about bread. Sometimes ignorance really is bliss since I’m not sure I would have ever spoken to him if I had known he’s famous. He’s @Dan_Lepard if you’re wondering.
Dan pointed me to Azelia’s blog post when I complained my yogurt sourdough bread hadn’t had the sourdough taste I was wanting. The recipe is actually Dan’s–as you can tell from the title–and comes with step-by-step pictures. This is what I went by to create my starter and then I screwed it up a bit and had to veer off the path to save it but that’s a post for another day.
Lastly comes the method I used to create the sourdough bread today. This is a “No-Kneed” sourdough bread recipe because I’m lazy. Make sure you read the recipe all the way through–which you should always do but I always forget to do–since this recipe requires a lengthy fermentation [12-14 hrs] and then four hours of proofing. Even though I screwed up, the bread was still fabulous and no one gave me any lip about how dense mine turned out.

Thought you might like to try it out yourself.

**Edited to add picture**